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Mrs. Poindexter, Kindergarten
Mrs. Kardys, 1st/2nd grade
Ms. Miller, 1st/2nd grade
Ms. Malzahn, 1st/2nd grade
Mrs. Miller, 3rd grade
Mrs. Archuleta, 3rd grade
Ms. Browning, 4th grade
Mrs. Raskay, 4th grade
Mrs. Stier, 5th grade
Mrs. Whitehead, 5th grade
Ms. Ziemba, 6th grade
Mrs. Henry, 6th grade
Ms. McDonald, K-3 Learning Specialist
Mrs. Neese, Kinder & 4-6 Learning Specialist 
Ms. Proudfoot, Speech/Language
Ms. Tyler, Significant Support Needs
Ms. Williams, Significant Support Needs
Ms. Fulton, Art
Mr. Campbell, Art
Ms. Mandzi, School Social Worker
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